Sunday, April 17, 2016

Flowers as Feminine Life Force

Blue Flower by Georgia O'Keeffe

The positive energies of feminine blood are celebrated in a complex visual and literary symbolism that embraces images of flowers and is tied to the phases of the moon. In central Mexico flowers remain symbols for the feminine life force and all sensual delights, including sexual love, art, music, weaving, embroidery, silver-smithing, sculpting, singing, and dancing. 

Black Iris by Georgia O'Keeffe

In China's southern provinces of Guangdong and Fujian, every women is said to possess a flower that represents her femininity. Each of her children has a double growing in a flower pot planted in a heavenly garden. In order to be born, the fetus must cross the "hundred-flower bridge", the place of transformation and reincarnation linking sky and earth. During this dangerous passage a flower deity known as Lady of the Waterside protects both the pregnant woman and her child. 

Calla Lilies by Georgia O'Keeffe
In the Bible menstrual blood is called "the flower that precedes the fruit of the womb" (Leviticus 15:24) And when a girl first menstruates, she may be said to have borne the flower. In French les fleurs, or the flowers, is the name for a young girl's first menstrual flow. Artist in many cultures use flowers as both magical and sexual symbols in songs, poetry, and paintings. The visual relationship between the clitoris and half-opened flower, for example, is a frequent motif in part because flower petals unfold to reveal the pistil and stamen at its reproductive centers.
Jack-in-the-Pulpit by Georgia O'Keeffe
 In the Andaman Islands of the Bay of Bengal a young woman took the name of a flower after her first menstruation. At that point she was said to be "in blossom". When she was pregnant, her body ripened to its "full fruit", and she was considered a complete women. 
Calla Lily by Georgia O'Keeffe

In Korea, the first shaman was a woman who maintained a mountain village filled with blossoming azaleas and lotuses. Since these flowers are said to revive the dead they came to be thought of as creating a imaginable world located across a river from the sensual world.

Red Canna by Georgia O'Keeffe
Feminine blood is honored in many places as the "flower" of the womb. In the botanical world the purpose of flowers is to make fruits and bring about new plants of their own species. By analogy, just as flowers contain future fruits, so uterine blood contains the essence of future generations.

Red Poppy by Georgia O'Keeffe
The Huichol believe a goddess, Grandmother Growth, made flower from her bloody undergarments and threw them into a spring in the desert near the place where the sacred peyote cactus now grows. From these cactus flowers her daughters, the goddess of childbirth, was created. Every year families make pilgrimages to the daughter's home, which is at shrine at the edge of the spring. They sing, dance and pray for fertility, leaving offerings of beaded bowels, crossed sticks entwined with yarn known as "god eyes" and woven bamboo and cotton mats.

This information was taken from The Woman in the Shaman's Body: Reclaiming the Feminine in Religion and Medicine by Barbara Tedlock Ph.D

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Friday the 13th and Divine Feminine Energy

So Friday the 13th is upon us again...does that day scare you? It use to scare me until I learned about the meaning of this number, where the superstition came from and how we should view this day.  It doesn't mean what you think and there is no reason to be scared...unless you are watching one of those silly Friday the 13th movies, lol

If you want to learn what this day really represents as well as the sacredness behind this number then I'm sure you will enjoy reading this article.

Is Friday 13th Unlucky?

Nope this day is NOT a unlucky day!  Friday 13th is actually a day that was used to honor the divine feminine energy within ourselves.  Friday is astrological the day of the week associated with the planet Venus. Venus is associated with love, money, relationships and beauty and is named after the Roman Goddess of love.  Friday was associated with the early Mother Creation Goddesses for whom that day was named. In Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Icelandic, and Teutonic cultures She was called variously, Freya, Freia, Freyja, Fir, Frea and Frig. Friday is Frig's Day,Frigedaeg, in Old English, Fredag in Danish, Freitag in Dutch. In Mediterranean lands, She reigned as Venus. In Latin, Friday is the Day of Venus, Dies Veneris; Vendredi in French, Venerdi in Italian and Viernes in Spanish.

So Friday the 13th was the perfect day to make love or do other ceremonies in honor of the Goddess. Plus, there are 5 Venus cycles that occur every 8 years and in that 8 years Venus goes around the Sun 13 times. This links to the Fibonacci Sequence – 8 (years) plus 5 (Venus cycles) equals 13.  For many 13 represents the return of the Divine Feminine including the mysteries connected with Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Shekinah and Sophia representing the natural rhythms and cycles coming into sacred balance. 13 is also thought to be the essence of the empowered and embodied Christed Feminine.

Some say 13 is a number that transcends matter and is coded with the frequencies of Ascension, Oneness and Unity that transforms all things. Since 13 is a prime number it is only divisible by itself representing purity – as 13 then is incorruptible and exists within its own integrity. Plus, 13 is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. Many ancient secret societies and mystery schools understood that the number 13 represented death and rebirth through ascension into eternal life and it represented the secret knowledge of all life including sacred sexuality.

The Number 13 and The Moon

There are 13 Full Moons each year and most women bleed 13 times a year. In ancient times, women lived their lives in flow with the moon. The ancient Chinese referred to the menstrual cycle as “heavenly waters”.  When Chinese women make offerings of moon cakes, there are sure to be 13 on the platter. Thirteen is the number of blood, fertility, and lunar potency. 13 is the lucky number of the Great Goddess.

Beginning on the New Moon, many women bleed for 1-3 days. However, in modern times, women bleed for 3-7 days. Your body can be reset back to be in harmony with nature by being more attentive to your diet as well as spending time in moonlight. Many women would spend time soaking up the energy of the new moon in order to help their bodies re-align with that energy.  In some cultures, women celebrated their monthly cycles and many women's cycles would come at the same time. During this time, they would set up red tents – sacred places where they could celebrate their Feminine energy during their moon time.

You were only allowed in these red tents when you were bleeding. Men were not allowed.  It was considered a great honor to be allowed in. Young girls looked forward to getting their periods instead of viewing them as a "curse" or something dirty. Women took time for themselves in isolation around their moon time, not because they viewed the blood as shameful, but because it was sacred. Women would sit on the ground, naked, and let the blood flow back into the earth, from which it symbolically came. Most women would bleed for only one day and then all the women would pack up the tent until the next New Moon. The moon day was a day of rest and meditation. It was considered a day of power, a time to go within and become deeply intuitive.

Friday the 13th is not a day of dread or misfortune or a curse.  It is a time to honor the goddess within you.  Our ancestors knew this and now so do you! I hope you make the most of tomorrow.  If you are on your moon time I advise that you take some time to moon bathe and meditate.  Honor yourself, you deserve it. 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

What is a Goddess?

By Kenya K. Stevens

 "A goddess is a woman who emerges from deep within herself. She is a woman who has honestly explored her darkness and learned to celebrate her light. She is a woman who is able to fall in love with the magnificent possibilities within her. She is a woman who knows of the magic and mysterious places inside her, the sacred places that can nurture her soul and make her whole. She is a woman who radiates light. She is magnetic. 

She walks into a room and male and female alike feel her presence. She has power and softness at the same time. She has powerful sexual energy that's not dependent on physical looks. She has a body that she adores and it shows by the way she comfortably lives and moves in it. She cherishes beauty, light and love. She is a mother to all children. She flows with life in effortless grace. 

She can heal with a look or a touch of the hand. She is fiercely sensual and fearlessly erotic and engages in sex as her way to share with another in touching the divine. She is compassion and wisdom. She is seeker of Truth and cares deeply about something bigger than herself. She is a woman who knows that her purpose in life is to reach higher and rule with love. She is a woman in love with love. She knows that joy is her destiny and is embracing it and sharing it with others to heal wounds. She is a woman who has come to know that her partner is as tender, lost, and frightened as she has been at times. 

She has come to understand the scars of the boy in him and knows that together, love can be the relief, the healing of their wounds. She is a woman who can accept herself as she is. She can accept another as they are. She is able to forgive her mistakes and not feel threatened by another's even when attacked. She is a woman who can ask for help when she needs it or give help when asked. She respects boundaries, hers and another's. She can see God in another's eyes. She can see God in her own. She can see God in every life situation. She is woman who takes responsibility for everything she creates in her life. She is a woman who is totally supportive and giving. She is a Goddess."

Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Time of Balance: Autumn Equinox

The Autumn Equinox is approaching...I love spring and summer very much however I am a child of the harvest.  I was born on Halloween during a full moon.  The Autumn Equinox start on September 22, 2013 at 4:44 pm EST.  Upon doing more research into this time of year I learn a lot more about my myself and gained a deeper appreciation for what this time really symbolized as well as how I should make the best of it. 

We know that during this time of year the leaves are changing colors, the weather is become more cooler, and balance occurs between day time and night time.  It also is a time when things die where as summer and spring represent rebirth.  So what does all of this mean from a spiritual stand point?  The picture to the left is a representation of the Libra energy which of course deals with balance.   During the autumn equinox the Sun move in the sign of Libra. The glyph for Libra also represents the sun setting/rising which also shows the balance of light and dark.

During this time the sun begins to go south from it highest point during the Summer Solstice. The sun represents the Son/Christ which is the spiritual aspect that incarnate into a person.  This story can be seen with Jesus, Horus, Hu, Dionysus, Tammuz, Mithras and Odin.  Their stories show a spiritual awaking that is happening within. The sun's decent south causes an increase in darkness which represents our consciousness or our spirit.  So this is a time of great spiritual transformation!  It is not possible to gain enlightenment if you do not know the light as well as the dark.

Our ancient ancestors were very aware of this knowledge.  They built monuments in honor of it.  These sacred landmarks can be seen in Chichen Itza,  the Pyramid of the Sun, the Great Pyramid of Egypt, and Easter Island.  These sites were not created simply for beauty but instead as a outward reflection of what is going on within us as well as above us in the heavens.  Our ancestor understood this need to bring things in to balance.

So how can we honor this time? We can take the time to make a list of all that we have harvested during the spring and summer.  Reflect on what you have planted and what you plan to plant for the next year.  Be grateful for all that you have brought forth. The equinox also occurs at 4:44 eastern time.  This is a very powerful number because it is a reminder that our angels are around us at that moment to support us.  Powerful energies are arriving during this time.  We can take this time to gather in a place we consider sacred maybe near water because it is a good communicator.  We can meditate on love, joy and compassion and send those energies into the planet.  And take that time to listen to hear what is need from us at this time.

Happy Autumn Equinox!

Here are some affirmations you can utilize at this time as well during your reflective medatitons:

  • I am committed to strengthening my inner self to bring truth, growth and balance to my life.
  •  I can see the light because of the dark, and I find balance and protection with this knowledge.
  • My days are joyful as are my nights, and I gain optimism with each passing day. 
  •  I am open to understanding the inner knowledge that God has given me.
  •  My emotions and intellect are focused and alert. I can clearly see the best choices for my life's path.
  •  I welcome change as essential to growth and realize that all things are impermanent. 
  •  I ground the light realms that are around me. 
  •  I deserve a good life of productivity and abundance.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Transformational Journey of Lotus...

This is a reflection of a 13 year journey with a very deep part of myself that I love very much. My journey with this part of myself is at a different stage however, it will never end.  I will always love this reflection of me forever.  It will always be there to teach me and help me grow.

Our meeting ignited something in me that I needed.  Something that was necessary in order for me to truly grow and transform into the person that I am today.  Had that never happened how would I have learned the lessons that my soul was seeking?

Any relationship that you have is only a relationship with another part of yourself.  Be that with your mates, coworkers, children, even nature.  It all reflects you because we are all one.  I knew this concept mentally but, it took a while to see that. I have had alot of great teachers along the way to help me come to that revelation.

My journey with this other part of myself caused alot of pain. A lot of pain that I am still processing and healing from at this moment however, I am very thankful for having that part to show me where my pain is.  That part of myself is not the cause of my pain.  I can not blame that part of myself for creating something that was already in me.  My reflection only helped me to see it more clearly.  This part of my self took me through numerous challenges and and some of them repeated to me over, and over and over again. I kept asking the universe why is this happening why do I have to kept going through this?

Then I remembered...Your life will keep repeating itself until you learn the lesson.  So I had to decide if I wanted to kept seeing this reflection or did I truly want to change?  One of my hardest lessons was that of betrayal.  Intellectually, I knew that I was creating it.  I did not want to look at why.  I knew it was not the other part of my self's fault at all.  So I continued to dig...deeper and deeper I have been digging for the answer to why I would create a part of myself that I love so very much to continue to betray me...why?

Then I got the answer through alot of tears and a very bad headache. Why do I keep creating betrayal?
Because I betray myself. How do I betray myself? Because I compromise instead of following my inner guidance. Why did compromise create betrayal? Because compromise is not authentic. Why is compromise not authentic? Because when you compromise you are usually going along with something out of fear and not because it is something that you want to do. You are not being yourself. Why were you not being yourself? Because I was afraid.

I was afraid that this part of myself would not love me. I was afraid that I would lose this part of myself. I wanted to desperately please this part of myself that I saw in the mirror. I wanted it to love me and to be happy. To praise me. To see me. To hear me. But I missed something....In order for that to happen I have to be ME! My authentic self. Not who I thought others wanted me to be. This part of myself loved me deeply. Always did. However do I love me? How could I expect this part of myself to be authentic if I could not? Why not just be me....

It took 13 years to process that. The number 13 is symbolic of completion, realization, and power. I, in this moment, recognize my power. I see how and why I created this. I am now ready to complete this lesson and not experience it again. I realize that in order to change that part of myself I have to do it for me and no other reason. I am so thankful for this reflection because without it I would have never been able to see these things. It would be like wandering around in the dark with no light. I am thankful for this part of me for providing me with this light. Now I see...the journey of Lotus beginnings with me being me.

Friday, June 28, 2013

The Internal Clitoris by Ms. M

Consider this: In over five million years of human evolution, only one organ has come to exist for the sole purpose of providing pleasure – the clitoris. It is not required for reproduction. It doesn’t have a urethra running through it like the penis, and thus, does not urinate. Its sole function – its singular, wonderful purpose – is to make a woman feel good!!

Sadly, it is precisely because the clitoris has no function apart from female pleasure that science has neglected to study it as intricately as the penis...

  Try asking the next person you encounter to tell you where the clitoris is located. Having posed this question to others many times myself, I’ll guess that the majority of answers you receive will sound something like, “It’s that small bulb at the top of my lips,” or, “That’s the button up under the hood.” Although these responses aren’t exactly wrong, the interesting truth is that the majority of the clitoris is actually within the pelvis – that is, it’s far more internal than external....

The scientific name for the external “little button” or “bulb” is glans. ... This little structure contains approximately 8,000 sensory nerve fibers; more than anywhere else in the human body and nearly twice the amount found on the head of a penis!

...[M]ost of the clitoris is subterranean, consisting of two corpora cavernosa (corpus cavernosum when referring to the structure as a whole), two crura (crus when referring to the structure as a whole), and the clitoral vestibules or bulbs.

The glans is connected to the body or shaft of the internal clitoris, which is made up of two corpora cavernosa. When erect, the corpora cavernosa encompass the vagina on either side, as if they were wrapping around it giving it a big hug!

~ Ms. M posting on The Museum of Sex

DO READ the entire article!!! Great stuff

Photo: The Internal Erect Clitorus, front view. It's the yellow part. Courtesy of

Sunday, March 17, 2013

What are you planting this Spring Equinox?

Greetings Goddesses!  It is almost time for spring which is one of my favorite times of year.  I adore being in nature and enjoying all of the beautiful colors and fragrant flowers.  The spring equinox symbolizes a time of balance.  During this time there is a balance of light and dark because the Sun is sitting on the earth's equator.

It is also celebrated as a time of fertility, regeneration and rebirth.  The goddess Ostara (Eostre) is the patron of spring. Our word for the female hormone estrogen derives from her name. Festivals are held in her honor celebrating the resurrection of the Sun.  One famous celebration is that of Easter.  It is celebrated by calculating the first full moon after the Equinox.  Brightly colored eggs, chicks and bunnies are symbols for this time of year.  The eggs symbolized fertility and new life.  Many midwives and healers would use an egg and hold it over the stomach of a pregnant women to predict the sex of the unborn child.  The beautifully decorated eggs were also used to make wishes for abundance and prosperity for the coming year.

Prepare Your Mind, Body and Spirit

This spring I will be doing a spring cleanse to balance and detox my body.  I think it is important to try to cleanse with each new season but sometimes we do get off balance.  I know I have. With the arrival of my daughter I kinda forgot how important self care was.  So to get back on track I will be utilizing two powerful programs.  The first is the Perfect Health 21 day meditation by Oprah and Deepak Chopra.  I have completed my first week and it has been wonderful to be able to clear away all old patterns of thinking when it comes to my body as well as set new intentions.  It is not too late for you join me on this journey!

The second tool I would like to share with you is the Radiant Goddess Program.  This is a 21 day program that will give you all of the tools you need to get in to shape both mental, physically and spiritually.  This program has everything a goddess needs from a meal plan, recipes, fun exercises, projects for motivation, meditations and coaching videos to help you stay on track.  All this will be delivered to you daily via email.  So if you are looking to shed a few pounds or just want to learn to be more healthy this spring this is a wonderful investment!  Grab a friend and do it together :)

Spring Rituals

Rituals of course are another powerful tool to utilize during this time.  It will increase the power of what every your intention is for this spring.  Here are a few to consider or you can make up your own (those are the most powerful). You can make use of these herbs during this time for your magic as well: lily of the valley, tansy, lavender, marjoram, thyme, tarragon, lovage, lilac, violets, lemon balm, dogwood, honeysuckle, oakmoss, orrisroot, sunflower seeds, rose hips, oak, elder, willow, crocus, daffodil, jonquil, tulip, broom (Scotch or Iris), meadowsweet, acorn, trefoil (purple clover), vervain. 

  • Decorate you altar to invite the energy of the goddess Ostara.  You can place fresh spring flowers.  Add light green candles.  Use incense made of jasmine or get jasmine oil. Also place a earthenware bowl with soil and seed to symbolize planting your intentions.  You also add a letter noting your intention on your altar.  Add these garnet, clear quartz, rose quartz, lapis lazuli, amazonite, and agate for extra energy.
  • You can use a hard boiled egg and set your intentions on the egg and then eat it
  • You can wear green clothing
  • You can also do a seed blessing ritual
Be creative goddesses and comment below and let me know what you intention are and what rituals or programs you plan to make use of.  Enjoy!